List of eliminationsEdit

Total drama island

  • Katie and Izzy swap teams 

24th place-Ezekiel 

23rd place-Eva 

22nd place-Noah 

21st place-Justin

20th place-Katie

19th place-Tyler

18th place-Izzy

17th place-Cody

16th place-Beth 

15th place-Sadie

14th place-Courtney

13th place-Harold

  •   Merge
  •   Eva and Izzy return

12th place-Eva

11th place-Trent

10th place-Bridgette

9th place-Lindsay

8th place-Dj

7th place-Izzy

6th place-Geoff

5th place-Leshawna

4th place-Duncan

3rd place-Heather

  • The Finale



Total drama action

  •  Merge

17th/16th-Geoff and Bridgette

  •  Form teams

15th place-Izzy

14th place-Trent

Izzy returns*

13th place-Gwen

12th place-Dj

11th place-Izzy

  •  Courtney debuts

10th place-Owen

9th place-Heather

  •   Merge

8th place-Leshawna

7th place-Justin

  • Owen returns

6th place-Lindsay

5th place-Harold

4th place-Courtney

3rd place-Owen

  • The Finale 



Total drama World tour

  • Alejandro and Soerra debut
  • Merge

19th place-Duncan

  • Form teams
  • Izzy and Sierra swap teams

18th place-Ezekiel

17th place-Harold

16th place-Bridgette

15th place-Leshawna

14th place-Lindsay

13th place-Izzy

12th place-Dj

  • Duncan returns

11th place-Noah

10th place-Tyler

9th place-Gwen

  •   Merge
  •  Blaineley debuts

8th place-Owen

7th/6th place-Blaineley and Courtney

5th place-Duncan

4th place-Sierra

3rd place-Cody

  •   The Finale



Total drama Revange of the island

14th place-Staci

13th place-Dakota

12th place-B

  • Brick swaps teams

11th place-Dawn

10th place-Sam

  •   Jo and Scott swap teams

9th place-Brick

8th place-Ann Maria

  • Dakota returns

7th place-Dakota

  •   Merge

6th place-Mike

5th place-Jo

4th place-Scott

3rd place-Zoey

  • The Finale



Total drama All stars

14th place-Lindsay

13th place-Lightning

12th place-Jo

  • Duncan and Courtney swap teams

11th place-Sam

  • Cameron swaps teams

10th place-Heather

9th place-Sierra

  •   Merge

8th place-Duncan

7th place-Cameron

6th place-Alejandro

5th place-Courtney

4th place-Gwen

3rd place-Scott

  • The Finale



Total drama pahkitew island

14th place-Beardo

13th place-Rodney

12th place-Sugar

11th place-Ella

10th place-Leonard

9th place-Jasmine

8th place-Max

7th place-Scarlett

6th place-Samey

5th place-Dave

4th place-Amy

3rd place- Topher

  •  The Finale



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